How long does bath reglazing take?

In most cases only a few hours, maximum a full day. You can rest assured that your new looking bathroom will be ready to enjoy just 24 hours after

My bath has been damaged. It s chipped and there appears to be some cracks. Can bath resurfacing repair this damage?

Yes! This type of damage will no longer be evident after bath reglazing. Your Bathroom Blue technician will consult you on exactly how

Can bath resurfacing be done on my cast iron bath at home?

Yes, bath resurfacingcan be carried out on premises. However your cast iron bath may be taken away and baked in an oven if required. Your cast iron bath will then be delivered back to your door.

What is Bathroom Reglazing?

Bathroom reglazing, bath resurfacing or bath re-Enamelling is a process where Bathroom Blue’s competent technicians carefully re-enamel a surface leaving your bathroom fixtures looking brand new.
Reglazing or bath re-Enamelling is a trade that requires expert workmanship. Bathtubs, basins, ceramic tile, and other surfaces are re-enamelled on premise. Bath resurfacingwill bring your bath and other fixtures a brand new look. The strongest bond available ensures a long lasting beautiful finish which is economical and effective when using Bathroom Blue.

Can Bathroom Blue change the colour of my tiles through Bathroom resurfacing?

Yes! You will love the results too! This is a brilliant service, involving just a days work. Bath Resurfacing will transform your bathroom into a work of art. Imagine your old lime green or pink bathroom turning into a cool blue or antique white.
Bath re-enamelling can easily make this happen. Dirty grout lines would be instantly eliminated. Forget about spending close to $20,000 tearing out your old bathroom when we can reglaze it for only hundreds, not thousands!
Let us give your tile and tub the ultimate make over! Bathroom re-Enamelling is easy with Bathroom Blue.