Bath Tub Enamel Restoration Melbourne

Your bath tub is your bathroom’s most imposing fixture; therefore the way it looks will shed a different light on the entire setup.

Even if you just installed or re-glazed your ceramic tiling or your other fixtures, if your bath tub looks in bad shape, this impression will radiate over everything else. That’s why it’s important to give your bath tub a clean, good look and what better way to do so if not by refreshing your bath tub enamel?

Bath tub enamel is known to be very durable, but it’s also quite exposed to external factors that can damage it or cover it, making it hard to clean. For example, after extensive use of the bath tub, combined water and soap residues can evaporate, leaving a so called “lime scale” on the bath tub enamel. Lime scale is quite hard to remove “manually”, but a professional re-enamelling company can do it in under a day and the results will be undoubtedly satisfactory.

The old vinegar method used to remove lime scale does indeed work sometimes, but it will be almost impossible to bring the bath tub enamel looks to how they originally were. That’s why Bathroom Blue suggests a complete re-enamelling or polishing process to clean your bath, when you notice your bath tub looking really out of shape. This will not only clean out the rough spots and give your bath tub enamel a new look, but it will also mean that it will be easier to clean in the future and provide a longer life span to it.

Obviously, degraded bath tub enamel is not the only reason that could make you want to change it. If you decide on a complete restoration of your bathroom fixtures and ceramic tiles or changing their colors, doing the same to your bath tub is a must. As stated earlier, your bath tub is one of your most important bathroom fixtures and it simply cannot be left out. Changing the color to your bath tub enamel or cleaning it out to look brand new is easy with the help of Bathroom Blue’s modern enamelling methods and besides offering a fresh new look, they are fast, affordable and don’t leave the kind of mess that traditional resurfacing methods are notorious for.