Ceramic Tile Painting Melbourne

Have you unsuccessfully attempted to paint bathroom tiles? Maybe you’ve left unsightly brushstrokes on the tiles? Or maybe you can just tell it was a DIY gone wrong! If this is you, Bathroom Blue can easily help you. If you were told that you could easily learn how to paint ceramic tiles yourself, you were most likely misinformed.

Don’t rip-out your bathroom until you’ve learnt a little about tile paint! It only takes a day for a Bathroom Blue technician. Your dull lifeless wall tiles can look brand new again. Don’t paint bathroom tiles yourself. Tile paint is also commonly referred to as synthetic porcelain.

Bathroom Blue use a very unique tile paint, that is 100% tried and tested!

Having your wall tiles resurfaced is so economical. Costly design and renovating solutions aren’t necessary. Tile paint certainly can do the job to change the overall look of a dated tiled bathroom. We’ve invested in the very latest machinery and equipment. Bathroom Blue will leave you in awe!

A Commonly Asked Question: Q. How long will tile paint last?
A. Tile paint will last 12-15yrs, following care instructions will ensure longevity.

Choosing to paint bathroom tiles with Bathroom Blue will ensure you obtain fantastic results. Our technicians will demonstrate that they know exactly how to paint ceramic tiles. You can get rid of your pink or blue bathroom once and for all.

How we Paint Ceramic Tiles

(1) Treating and repairing tile surface and grout lines
(2) Fixing any tiles that are loose including any cracks, chips etc.
(3) Masking and protecting any bathroom areas that won’t be re-surfaced
(4) Etching tile to remove shine and to promote bonding of new surface
(5) Re-grouting
(6) A grade primer applied
(7) Synthetic Porcelain used to paint bathroom tile
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