Imagine giving yourself a new Bath and Bathroom in less than 4 hours*

The Bathroom Blue method of bath resurfacing and bathroom resurfacing is possibly the most powerful invention in the bathroom renovation industry in the last 25 years. If you want to save time and money renovating your bathroom, then this method is for you.

Here’s How It Works…* Basically, the resurfacing method involves stripping down the old paint and finish of your Bath (and, or) Tiles, Basin and other surfaces.

A Unique, 28 Step Process Designed by Bathroom Blue Ensures an Amazing Result for You By applying a new surface using the Bathroom Blue unique 28 Step Process, you are absolutely assured a bath and bathroom that look and feel better than if you had bought them brand new.

Bath Before After

Over 1790 Colours to Choose FromBecause we have over 1790 colours available, we’ll be able to help you pick the perfect one for your bathroom.

Introducing: The Bath and Bathroom Resurfacing Breakthrough The bathroom is the centre piece of any house or unit. The difference between an old, worn, dull bathroom and a bright, new, modern masterpiece is breathtaking. Plus, having a beautiful bathroom not only makes you and your family feel great, but it adds value to your property.

Until recently, Bathroom Renovating was an Expensive, Time Consuming, Painful Experience. You had late tradesmen, who would invade your home, a mess that would last for weeks and an experience that would leave you feeling angry, frustrated and ripped off.How Much Can YOU Save By Resurfacing Instead of Renovating? The savings are absolutely amazing!! To replace a bath with traditional methods will usually cost you over $2300. Having Bathroom Blue resurface your bathroom starts at just $440.

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