Bath Re-enamelling

You may have heard the terms bath re-enamelling , bath resurfacing and bath reglazing used freely in ads, but essentially they are one and the same. The process of bath re-enamelling involves giving your bathroom fixtures a new coating of shiny, brand new enamel, in a matter of hours, at a reasonable price and without making any mess.

Bath re-enamelling does not only refer to the resurfacing of your bathtub (we’ll discuss this later on, since it’s a special case) but of your entire bathroom, including your other fixtures or ceramic tiles. Bath re-enamelling can be used to fix cracks, peeling surfaces, lime scale, dirt and virtually anything that will damage the surface of your fixtures or your tiles.

In addition, bath re-enamelling can also be used if you want to change the color of all the elements in your bathroom. For example, one day you get tired of your cold blue tiles and decide it would be more comfortable and eye-soothing to have a lighter tone in your bathroom. It would only take around 4 hours for a professional team such as Bathroom Blue to make it happen for you, using our unique bath re-enamelling techniques.

It is true that you can choose simply to focus on one particular fixture or a tile area instead of a full bath re-enamelling , but think of how your bathroom will look with one side or one fixture looking brand new, while the others still looking old and dirty. Considering how cheap, fast, effective and durable bath re-enamelling is in comparison to a full re-tiling, you’re better off with a complete, professional and quality bathroom re-enameling.