Claw Foot Bath Restoration Melbourne

Claw foot bath tubs have a special property, in that they look excellent in any setting and bathroom decoration, be it modern, classic or period.

Many interior designers choose claw foot bath tubs over built in baths as they provide more space in the bathroom, they are fashionable and comfortable. Claw foot bath tubs are very expensive to repair and the entire process takes a lot of time. However this is not the case with Bathroom Blue’s claw foot bath tub restoration system, which is affordable, fast and offers superior quality.

There may be several elements you would want changed to your claw foot bath tubs and we at Bathroom Blue are confident that we can accommodate each and every one of your requests. Whether it’s partial enameling, rust elimination, damage repairs, re-enamelling, taking care of the claw foot bath tub’s feet, or a full restoration, we’re the ones you should seek out!

Here’s how Bathroom Blue’s technicians will handle the restoration of your claw foot bath tub:

First off, when you call us, we will give you an exact price on the restoration work. If you want a full restoration of your claw foot bath tub, you will have to choose the color that you want applied on it. After that, the claw foot bath tub is picked up from your home and taken into service.

This is where all the damage is repaired and a new coat of painting with the color you specified is applied. After the claw foot bath tub is fixed and restored, we carefully place it in an oven for the baking or enamelling process. Meantime, the claw feet are refinished in the material you have selected earlier (brass or chrome).

When everything is put together, your new claw foot bath tub is brought back and installed into your bathroom. We guarantee you’ll be amazed by the change and by the way your claw foot bath tub’s new looks will change the entire atmosphere and comfort level in your bathroom.

After our claw foot bath tub restoration process is over, you can rest assure you won’t have to repeat the process for a LONG time! Even so, Bathroom Blue issues a 7 year warranty for each restored claw foot bath tub, so you’re all covered.