Is your bath cracking, peeling or does it have problems with chipped areas? Our state of the art porcelain repair process, allows our technicians to conduct a bath tub repair without leaving a trace of damage behind. You’ll never know there was ever any damage.

Don’t attempt a bath tub repair on your own! You are more than likely to do more damage. Bathroom Blue attends to hundreds of clients who have attempted to carry out a DIY bath tub repair. They are amazed how effectively and efficiently a chip or a crack can just disappear, when a professional tends to the repair.

You may have found that your bath has become discolored in areas. This can commonly take place around the waste insert. A possible reason for this could be a leaking shower head or tap. If a leak hasn’t been attended to, it will create a stain over time-regardless of whether the bath is cast iron or acrylic. At the first sign of a leak, you should act immediately by having the leak repaired.

There is definitely no need to replace your bath tub. You can avoid the large cost, stress and mess! Take the economical option and call Bathroom Blue to book your bath tub repair today ASAP! We can discuss your individual bathroom needs with you.
Tips on Avoiding Damage to Your Bath 1. Ensure heavy items such as candle holders and glass packaged cosmetics cannot fall into the bath
2. Don’t wash pets in the bath
3. Don’t soak clothing in the bath
4. Avoid using any type of bath mat inside the bath, as it will cause staining
5. Bathroom Blue suggests that you don’t use harsh cleaning or bathing products
6. Children should only play with soft bath toys

Bath and Bathroom Chip Repairs
If you need a chip repaired in your bathroom you definitely don’t need to look any further. Brand new tub chipped, because the tiler dropped a spanner? We can repair chips in baths and basins at a small cost and in a short amount of time. You may have had a sloppy tiler or tradesman carelessly working in your bathroom recently – it’s more common than you think! The results are incredible when we fix these chips, with not the slightest trace of any damage evident once we’ve completed the necessary repair. Call us for an obligation free quote or even send us a pic and we’ll respond asap.